Peer Educator Application

Peer Educator Application

Do you get paid to think? YOU SHOULD!

If you are responsible, looking for some extra cash, enjoy speaking to other teens, or if you’re
down to try something new, you could be an In Control Peer Educator.

Our Peer Educators are between the ages 14-19 and get paid to speak to their friends and other
teens about making responsible choices. Peer Educators also assist in new program projects by
providing creative ideas and program implementation. Peer Educators attend the hottest
community youth events and assist In Control staff in promoting Rochester’s most official teen

Join the In Control Peer Education Team for:

  • Great pay $$$
  • Flexible schedule
  • A great resume builder
  • Community Service credits


Read: Parent Guardian Letter

Download and Fill Out: Peer Education Application


Please fill out the Peer Education Application below or download the form and email it to [email protected] & [email protected].

The forms can be filled out in your browser and then downloaded and attached to an email or to the form below.

Peer Educator Form:

    What is your work availability?
    (List the earliest time you could arrive at work through the latest time you could stay)
    Example: 4:30p-7pm

    Do you have reliable transportation? Do you anticipate any barriers to transportation? If so,
    how can we help?

    Ready to work at In Control? Let’s see…

    Why do you want to be a Peer Educator with In Control?
    ( We are looking for thorough responses, not just one sentence)

    How do you feel about public speaking and presenting information about sexual health in front
    of large groups?

    - 1 = Very Uncomfortable

    - 5 = Somewhat Uncomfortable

    - 10 = Extremely Confident

    What makes you unique and stand out in a crowd?
    (Take your time and write more than just a simple sentence)

    What makes you unique and stand out in a crowd?
    (Take your time and write more than just a simple sentence)

    Do you have any skills and/or experience in creative writing, acting, making music,
    teaching, making social media, photography, or video production?
    (Please describe in detail below)

    Do you have a resume?
    (Upload a copy here)

    Do you have other documents you would like to share to show you would be an
    awesome Peer Educator?
    (Upload here)