Sow the Seeds Summer Program

Sow the Seeds Summer Program

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    This summer program for priority youth, Sow the Seeds, will introduce, educate, and develop life skills that are not traditionally emphasized in urban city settings including: Horticulture & Urban Farming, Culinary & Health Eating, Photography and Visual Arts, and Basic Sewing Skills. This holistic approach allows the opportunity to incorporate our sexual health education into other life-skills activities and create autonomy for healthy decision making and expression. Many of our priority youth live in food deserts and suffer from limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We will address this health disparity and improve daily access to healthy meals for students in the program. Program participants will also receive photography instruction, healthy meal preparation lessons, lessons in cultivating food and urban gardening, and enriching experiences at local art galleries, urban farms and the public market. The program will culminate in a final project which will showcase their newly acquired photography, cooking and horticulture skills.

    Program Dates:


    July 12-August 13th

    2pm - 5pm

    For Ages: 13-17

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    In Control reserves the right to suspend/terminate participation in the Sow the Seeds Summer Program.