Thoughts from In Control

Thoughts from In Control

Thoughts from In Control

This page allows teens to express their thoughts, feelings, perspectives and opinions on current events — locally, nationally and globally — and share their ideas on solutions and empowerment. 

Here, there is no right or wrong opinion. We do require that expressions and thoughts stay respectful, professional and without intent to offend. 


Darnell Sutton -18- Being In the middle of my senior year during this covid outbreak really made have a lot of questions. Will we graduate on time? How am I going to get my school work done? Is there gonna be a senior prom? Just can’t believe that it’s all over. We didn’t get to experience half of the things we were supposed for our senior year. Since we haven’t been in school, most of our classes are online based. It isn’t all bad. I actually got a lot more work done without the distractions of things going on the school building. I can spend more time at home with family. More free time to focus on myself. There are ups and downs to this outbreak but overall it has changed my perspective on life in multiple ways. Mainly the value of it. 

-Roberto Murray -17 years old being in this COVID-19 pandemic/quarantine and not being able to attend school how school would usually or normally be and having to adjust to using online classes on a regular basis is a little different and learning how to work and use online classes .Also having to protect my self from the virus and being in the house a lot more is hard ,not being able to go out and have fun like I would usually do . Now I have to watch every move I make and worry more and be a lot more cautious now with everything I do .This new lifestyle we’re living right now is a new change and is different.

Preston Viero 18 yearsold- Living in times like these are odd, though life was never normal even before the pandemic & movements for police reform. Due to quarantine I’ve gained a considerable amount of “free time” to educate myself on many different aspects of politics & life in general. I’m pretty optimistic so I’m personally thankful for this time I’ve been granted but I cannot speak for the people who may have been negatively affected by it.

Jahmarea Diaz 16 years old-During this pandemic a lot has been going on from us not being to go in public places without masks to the huge black lives matter movement going on.George Floyd was an innocent African American man who was killed by a white officer who took advantage of the authority he was given as a police officer and resulted in the death of George Floyd. And I support the black life’s matter movement going on due to his death I I’m happy with all the support the black community is getting and I feel as though others should step up and be for the cause

Jahmarea Diaz- 16 – I feel as though the opening of places is a very controversial subject because for me personally I like going outside and doing stuff but this pandemic is stopping it so I’m happy with things going back to normal but also I feel as though it could have so very bad backlash because what happened in the rates of people with Corona start to spike again then it becomes even worse for us and we eventually can’t leave the house at all.

Roberto Murray -17- In my community we’re still recovering from damaged property from the previous riots that happened between the police and George floyed . Also people having to deal with the corona virus and protecting they’re self and they’re family’s. And What makes it a lot more difficult for a lot of people is that they are suffering and dealing with unemployment which makes life a lot harder and difficult to deal with paying bills getting food and being able to take care of they’re family .

Preston Viero -18- Even though my previous thoughts on the world’s current condition stand true, i can’t lie…I kinda miss a lot of my old routines & activities I would do before quarantine started. I’m still trying to make the most out of this though, I’ve been making music & saving money for new studio equipment simultaneously.

Preston Veiro-18- Fortunately the rates of teen pregnancy have gradually declined overtime. Even with that being said some teens still deal with issues in this department. There are many ways to prevent conception. Some of these birth control methods include, condoms, birth control pills/IVF, abstinence etc. I personally don’t feel ready to have a child due to the fact I wouldn’t be able to provide for him/her properly without giving up a lot of the goals I have in mind for my life. Lots of teens feel the need to rush losing their virginity because of fear of judgment from some of their peers. My advice to any teen who is dealing with this currently would be to stay safe (condoms) & don’t take actions based off of fear or pressure, wait until you’re ready.

Darnell Sutton -18-My thoughts on teen pregnancy are basically try to prevent it. By that I mean if you are sexually active be safe. Birth control. Condoms. Any pregnancy prevention methods that keeps u clear from that happening. Having a child at a young age can change your life in so many ways. Mentally physically and financially. You are still a child yourself. Developing into an adult. You shouldn’t be worried about caring for a another life. Make sure you finish school or have a stable job and living situation before trying to have a child. That’s a big responsibility that some adults can’t even take on. A kid can not raise a kid.

Darnell Sutton-18- Police Brutality is viewed different from mainly different perspectives. The perspective of the officer in command. The person being detained and the bystanders watching everything go down. Now of course, with everything going on, every time a black male comes in contact with a police officer, they fear for their life. It shouldn’t have to be like that. An officer is supposed to protect and serve. you guys shouldn’t be the ones that we are afraid of. Me being a young black male, I honestly never want to experience that because of what I see every single day and its horrible.

Preston Veiro -18- My thoughts on police brutality are simple. It’s wrong, people shouldn’t have authority over others because in so many cases it will be abused. There is no way to determine whether someone’s a good person or not before hiring them so they shouldn’t be hired at all. A lot of officers are incompetent & due to the fact that the blue uniform resembles brotherhood even the “good” officers don’t actively stand against the wrong doings of their peers. I hope for a utopia that doesn’t require us (humans) to be governed by other human beings, the system is to flawed to last.

Roberto Murray-17-My Thoughts on Police Brutality is that it’s awful and that some police officers take advantage of the job, duty and role of being police officers. Many people but a more percentage of colored people are being killed and arrested more and more often everywhere .it definitely worries me and kind of changed my perspective or view of police . To be honest some people and people of color are scared to even call the police when they really need help because they’re scared that the police might hurt or even kill them over nothing just from calling 911 the police for help.

Incontrol Participant Anonymous -To be honest my feelings about life be everywhere . i be feeling so lost and confused . i try to see the good in everything and everyone and be the good to everything and everyone but to be honest life’s not always going to be good and that’s just how life works and that’s just how it is . i wish people would understand me but then again i remember “no one knows you better than yourself” and unless they’re walking in the shoes that your in . i think in my head sometimes like why does all these bad things always have to happen some how sneak its way into my life and always find a way to mess up something. then i think in my head about a saying that i hear go around “its people in worse positions than you and me just be thankful for what you have right now in the moment” then i think its not really that bad what im going through but then again i feel like things are just unavoidable and somethings are here to test you and see how you can handle situations in life and how you make good out of the bad .i sometimes feel like life is a curse and a blessing at the same time some how this world still keeps spinning. i be feeling a little too lonely . dont know if i be sad or just be dealing with depression .but its okay ill get through it probably become a billionaire or something ; )

Preston Veiro -18-THE GYMS OPENED!!! i’ve been getting back in top shape again & gaining knowledge & wisdom on my spiritual journey. Though so much negativity is blossoming around me i keep my head up & worry about myself because that’s all you can do. The world won’t change before you do & you can quote me on that.

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