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Blood Stone Order

Malcolm is a high school student who has aspirations of joining a secret group called the Blood Stone Order. Malcolm finds an invite the Punch Bowl Party the Blood Stone Order’s exclusive recruitment party. After attending the party Malcolm’s long awaited initiation begins.


RAPPER’S CHOICE Latrell and Keith, two brothers with contrasting lifestyles. Latrell is a street hustler associated with the Kia Boys gang, while Keith is an aspiring rapper who doesn’t live the life he raps about. Latrell has a longstanding feud with Lil Steve, a member of a rival Kia Boys gang. The tension between them escalates when Latrell robs one of Lil Steve’s associates. Keith, inspired by his brother’s street reputation, decides to release a diss song targeting Lil Steve in an attempt to gain recognition in the rap scene. Keith the rapper has a choice to make, be in the street life or develop himself as a rapper, but there’s a question, “Is it too late?”