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Educational Workshops

Our Educational Programs are designed to give non-bias, age appropriate and medically accurate information about sex and personal health issues that affect you and other youth in the City of Rochester.

College Tours

Our College Tours let you explore all aspects of college life on a variety of campuses. We work to ensure each tour is developed with the highest quality. Our college tours are powerful, inspirational and fun-filled experiences.

Empowerment Groups

In Control provides programs that help build character and encourage the use of a variety of skills. These programs include photography, art/graphic design, community service projects, music and more.

Sex Education

Our Evidence-Based Sex Education Programs are designed for young people, ages 10 through 19. Click below to find out the curricula used:

Peer Educator Program

Want to be paid for your creativity? You can at In Control!
If you are responsible, looking for paid employment, enjoy interacting with other teens or interested in trying something new, you could be an In Control Peer Educator!


In Control believes that education is key, and if you need help in any subject area, we’re here. Tutoring is provided to all students throughout the Rochester area, ages 13 through 19. For more information on the days and times tutoring sessions are available, please contact us.

Creative Arts

Our Creative Arts Experience provides an opportunity to explore comprehensive arts programming, while working with local and nationally renowned artists.
Our goal is to foster creative imagination in a variety of media based on your interest.

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