Education Programs

At In Control, we believe in providing teens in Rochester, NY with exciting educational opportunities that excite, inspire, and empower. Our education programs encourage students to learn from their peers and gain useful skills for the future.

College Tours

Our College Tours let you explore all aspects of college life on a variety of campuses. We work to ensure each tour is developed with the highest quality. Our college tours are powerful, inspirational, and fun-filled experiences.

In Control college tours will:

  • Allow you to ask questions and get real answers from current college students and admissions staff
  • Help you understand the college and financial aid application process more clearly.
  • Give you a chance to get a firsthand view of campus life and see if it’s the right fit for you.


In Control believes that education is key, and if you need help in any subject area, we’re here. Tutoring is provided to all students throughout the Rochester area, ages 13 through 19. For more information on the days and times tutoring sessions are available, please contact us.

Interested in working with a tutor? Sign up today.

Peer Education

Want to be paid for your creativity? You can at In Control!

If you are responsible, looking for paid employment, enjoy interacting with other teens, or are interested in trying something new, you could be an In Control Peer Educator.

College Tours


Peer Educator Application

Do you get paid to think? YOU SHOULD!

If you are responsible, looking for some extra cash, enjoy speaking to other teens, or if you’re down to try something new, you could be an In Control Peer Educator. Our Peer Educators are between the ages 14-19 and get paid to speak to their friends and other teens about making responsible choices. Peer Educators also assist in new program projects by providing creative ideas and program implementation. Peer Educators attend the hottest community youth events and assist In Control staff in promoting Rochester’s most official teen program.

Join the In Control Peer Education Team for:
– Great pay $$$
– Flexible schedule
– A great resume builder
– Community Service credits