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Creative Arts

In Control of Rochester NY’s Creative Arts Experiences provide you with the opportunity to follow your creative passions. From music lessons to acting classes to photography, there’s no limit to what you can learn.

Our goal is to foster creative imagination in a variety of
media based on your interest.

Video Production

You can learn the basics of scriptwriting and video production, including how to write and produce a script on issues you and your friends may face (teen pregnancy, violence, abuse, etc.). The final script for production will be decided by the participants. Once the scripts are written, you choose how you want to be involved in the video production process— video crew (behind the camera) or the cast (in front of the camera). You will then produce Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that can be viewed on Rochester Channel 15 and Time Warner Channel 18.

Music Classes

In our 12-15 week program, you will have the opportunity to express your feelings, thoughts and life experiences through music. Professional instructors with real-world music production experience will teach you how to record, mix, edit and produce digital music. You will learn the principles of sound recording and music production. Key concepts include songwriting and musical arrangement, in addition to learning how to create/modify sounds and program drum beats and patterns. This is also a way for you to gain a real understanding of the music industry with workshops on contracts, copyrights and radio. 

Drum Corps

The Color Guard is an auxiliary group that works in the use of dance, movement as well as the use of flags, rifles, and other performance equipment to create and tell a story. Classical music is usually used as a sound backdrop. The Drum Line is our newest division of the Mighty Liberators and consists of 25 drummers. These programs will increase your confidence and give you leadership skills.


Our Dance Program is designed to give you an opportunity to express yourself through dance. The program involves teaching the art of dance and choreography while building self-esteem.


The fashion design program is for youth ages 14-18 who aspire to be fashion designers or want to work within the fashion industry. Participants will have the opportunity to learn techniques/skills from from fashion designer Nathanial Johnson who brings decades of professional experience to every class. By the end of this ten-week program, participants will be able to create clothing that inspires them and understand the process of becoming a fashion designer. 


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MUSIC Production



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